Microsoft TechNet subscribers now getting a year of Office 365 free

As you probably already know, Microsoft’s TechNet is a way for IT workers and managers in the enterprise and server operation business to get access to tons of current and past Microsoft products, simply by paying a yearly fee.

Some of the goodies that often come your way through the subscription include early access to RTM builds of Microsoft products, stand alone versions of Office Professional Plus 2013 and much more. If you don’t already have a TechNet subscription, you should talk to your supervisor about getting one.

Now Microsoft has promised it is adding one more great feature to TechNet: the ability to have access to Office 365. According to, Microsoft recently issued a statement that the company is “committed to providing IT Professionals with access to Microsoft software and services for evaluation purposes, and we are actively working to provide our subscribers with a full year subscription of Office 365.”

While Office Pro Plus is only meant for PC, you can use Office 365 on regular devices and will also get the newest updates as they hit.

This also means access to the cloud storage and many other perks that come with business versions of Office 365.

Being an IT manager can certainly bring a lot of frustration, but a subscription to TechNet can certainly be one of the perks that helps make it all worth it. Are you currently a subscriber, if so are you excited about getting Office 365 added to the list of software you can use with your subscription?

For those that don’t currently subscribe, does the addition of Office 365 make you want to at least reconsider? Share your thoughts below.

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