Microsoft tested Intel Lakefield processor for Windows 10X

June 23, 2020
Intel Lakefield

Well, well, what have we here! Looks like Microsoft tested the futuristic Intel Lakefield processor on its futuristic Windows 10X operating system not too long ago.

A Geekbench listing that has been unearthed revealed this combination, in what was said to be an entry for a Microsoft virtual device.

The leaked listing reveals that this was the first benchmark entry that was spotted for the shiny new Lakefield i5-L15G7 processor. Previously, the Lakefield i5-L16G7 CPU had made appearances across these benchmarking suites.

But this is the first time we found out about this new chip:

Intel Lakefield Benchmark

Of course, that was back then, and we are sitting in the now. A time when we have confirmation that these new processors have not been optimized for Windows 10X, even when it was promised that it would support this new operating platform.

Intel, of course, launched these penta-core chips just a few days back.

The chip giant first showcased the Lakefield architecture back in 2019, where it was said that the company was targeting these chips as the alternative to the Qualcomm Snapdragon line and other similar ARM processors.

Ultimately, nothing much became of this testing, as the Lakefield chips only play with the mainline Windows 10 operating system currently.

Perhaps, things will change by the time when the next generation of these processors comes around, packing support for Windows 10X out the box, and letting folks that own these thin and light devices the ability to install this breezy new operating system.

We shall see.

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