Microsoft: The US Government Never Asked Us To Install Backdoors

speaking in a panel discussion at The Aspen Institute last week went a step further. He clarified that that Microsoft was never asked by the United States government (or any other agency, for that matter) to install backdoor in its software:

“One, they have never done that, and two, we would fight it tooth and nail in the courts. Under the wiretapping statutes and FISA you can be compelled to provide technical assistance. If they said, put in a backdoor or something like that, we would fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. If the government did that, and I really don’t think they would, it would be at the complete expense of American competitiveness. Because if we put in a backdoor for the U.S. government, we couldn’t sell anywhere in the world, not even in America.”
Sound logic! Microsoft, of course, is one of the more vocal proponents of transparency from the United States government in these matters, pointing towards the US Constitution when it comes to data share requests it receives from local authorities.]]>

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