Microsoft Thinking About A New Kind Of Mobile Device

Andromeda! Despite the Windows Phone affair not working as expected, Microsoft, it seems, has not given up on the idea of mobile devices running its operating system.

As we already know, the company has been working to make the Windows 10 shell adaptable to new form factors, with the Windows 10 Composable Shell project — also known as CShell. There is another similar project that the software titan is working on behind closed doors.

Andromeda is the codename for these new software and hardware efforts that Redmond is currently prototyping.

And they involve foldable mobile devices.

Andromeda Patent

According to the latest intelligence provided, this mysterious device could be much more ambitious than most people would have figured. That’s because in addition to the optimization of UWP apps for these dual screen foldable displays, Alex Kipman is also said to be involved in the development of this project.

Alex Kipman, of Kinect and HoloLens fame.

Apparently, one rumor is that Microsoft wants to build a holographic display that is able to show holograms on this device. This is the reason why Kipman is involved with this.

Amazing, if Redmond can pull this off, but for the time being we will file this in the rumors column. That said, it appears that things are progressing a bit on this front, and we may hear more on this as the project comes together.

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