Microsoft to acquire Discord for $10 billion?

March 23, 2021

Unsurprising. Discord, a platform popular with gamers, is rumored to be in discussion to be sold for a neat $10 billion. And Microsoft is one of the companies that is in talks.

The discussions are in an advanced stage, for the firm that is valued at around $7 billion.

According to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft is in talks with Discord but has not finalized the deal. The Redmond based company has amped up its focus on gaming lately, and recently even acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda.

Last year, the software titan even tried acquiring TikTok when former President Donald Trump forced ByteDance to sell the US operations of the video sharing social network to an American company.

That deal failed and the internet sensation opted to go with a partnership with Oracle.

But now, Microsoft is back on the market looking for potential takeovers. Reports say that Xbox chief Phil Spencer is himself negotiating a potential takeover.

However, the Redmond based company is not the only company trying to acquire the chat platform. Discord has also held discussions with Epic Games and Amazon in the past, but those talks were not fruitful.

Obviously, it is way too early to discuss how Discord would change once Microsoft takes over, but it is not hard to imagine the platform would end up more deeply integrated into its platform. Discord being preloaded into Windows is something that is totally possible.

Still, all this is unconfirmed for now, and unless we see something official, it’s best to take things with a generous pinch of salt.

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