Microsoft To Actively Pursue $100 Billion Gaming Industry

That’s more like it! Much has been written about the steps Microsoft has taken in gaming lately, in particular how it shut down games in development and closed down studios.

The arrival of the Windows 10 powered Xbox One X heralds a new dawn of sorts for the company.

And with programs like Xbox Play Anywhere, Xbox Game Pass and ID@Xbox, Redmond is making it known that it plans on putting the focus back on both gamers and developers. Not to mention all those excellent gaming focused improvements that are coming to the Windows 10 operating system.

It is clear that Microsoft if taking gaming seriously.

Goes without saying that this was the what CEO Satya Nadella emphasized during Microsoft’s annual shareholders meeting, where he revealed that the company is planning to expand its pursuit of what is easily a $100 billion industry.

He made it clear that Microsoft wants to expand the approach it has so far taken to gaming, and plans to connect gaming assets so that they grow and engage more than 53 million Xbox Live gamers.

More deeply, and frequently:

“We’re mobilizing to pursue an expansive opportunity in the 100+ billion gaming market. This means broadening our approach to how we think about gaming end-to-end. About starting with games and how they’re created and distributed, and how they’re played and viewed.”

So, basically, Nadella wants to change how games are played and viewed.

One way to do that is to put some solid effort behind the Windows Mixed Reality platform, and refine its experience for gaming. That, and some investments in good titles for Xbox and Windows 10 is something that will go a long way in making this pursuit a success.

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