Microsoft To Appear At MWC 2015, With New Lumia Phones

website. While Windows Phone 10 is currently a work in progress, there is chance that this could be the moment when we’ll get a glimpse of the first smartphones running the upcoming operating system, which itself is set for launch sometimes next year. MWC 2015, on the other hand, is in March, so a perfect time for Microsoft to show off. Redmond could theoretically use the event to unveil its next Windows Phone flagship. If not this, then there are several new devices in the pipeline that could be unveiled. Besides, there are voices suggesting that the preview version of Windows Phone 10 is coming early next year. Add two and two together and you get the idea. Although the MWC has not always been in focus for Microsoft, but the event was an important one for Nokia, as the Finnish company took the wraps off many of its devices here. The details may still be rather vague right now, but we can expect some fireworks in Barcelona.]]>

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