Microsoft to Introduce Windows Phone 7 Series

Regardless of rumors, no Zune Phone was announced in MWC. However, smartphoness which runs on new innovative Windows Mobile would sport similar features as Zune HD music player.


At Mobile World Congress from January 15 to 17 in Barcelona (Spain), Microsoft finally released its Windows Mobile 7 smartphone OS. Members of some technology websites tried the new OS and surely affirmed that user should forget all about Windows Mobile because Windows Phone 7 was a completely new operation system in terms of appearance and difference features.


Microsoft releases Windows Mobile 7 series




Windows Phone 7 sports “live title” which continuously updates information about new messages and e-mail.


People Hub gathers friends from social networking sites in 3 categories: Recent, All, What’s New.


Pictures Hub display pictures of users or pictures uploading by friends on sharing sites.


Office Hub supports synchronizing mobile and PC through apps like Onenote, Documents, Sharepoint and Outlook Mail.


However, Microsoft said that hardware partners could not change Windows 7 UI to other interface such as HTC TouchFLO.


Watch video:


Windows Phone 7 series features video



Windows Phone 7 series first hand-on



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