Microsoft To Pay Damages For Forced Windows 10 Upgrade

The Windows 10 upgrade controversy takes another turn! Microsoft has been asked to pay a user damages after it installed the OS on a device without authorization.

This particular case took place in a land called Finland.

Despite the software titan promising to behave in the future after a large number of legal complaints piled up due to the Windows 10 upgrade process kicking off for users when they had not actually started the installation.

Long story short, this time around, Microsoft now has to pay €1100 in damages to a former Windows 8 user after his device was upgraded to Windows 10 without his consent.

The Finnish Consumer Disputes Panel ruled in favor of the user who complained that the Redmond based technology firm initiated the upgrade without authorization. This caused issues that not only impacted his device, but also his camera surveillance software.

So much so that he had to spend money on repairing the surveillance system after getting in touch with Microsoft Support.

Interestingly, the user also pointed out that in some cases, the assistance that he received from company engineers did not make any difference — which is not all that surprising these days considering the complexity of the hardware and software involved.

In any case, the user requested €3000 in damages, but the Finnish consumer watchdog recommend a much lower compensation.

Now, Microsoft has not denied that Windows 10 was installed without user consent

The company actually tried to demonstrate that the OS did not do any damage to the device, saying that his claims were unreasonable. Redmond emphasizing that it has no control over what applications are installed — this holds true for the surveillance system in question, too.

In any case, no one will deny that Microsoft would do well to actually revise its approach on Windows 10 updates and upgrades, and only kick them in after multiple confirmations from users.

It came around recently, and is no longer forcing updates for users running Windows 10 Home.

A similar strategy for upgrades is also needed.

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