Microsoft To Provide New Windows 9 Details On September 30

here. The long and short of it is that Redmond is gearing up for a press event on this date, and this is very likely to be the first time the company talks about Windows 9 in public. Even if all features are not ready to be showcased by then, Microsoft will at least touch upon them briefly. But more importantly, the software titan will talk strategy — the direction it is taking its flagship operating system towards, as well as presenting some of the newer highlights of the upcoming OS. We could get glimpses of the desktop version of Cortana, the ability to run Metro apps on the desktop, Internet Explorer 12, and of course, the returning Start Menu. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft designs this fan favorite feature that is set to make a return to the desktop environment in the new operating system. And if we are lucky, the company will also showcase DirectX 12 and the improvements it brings. The chances of a public preview (or an early beta version) being released at this press event are also high, so we could be in for quite a ride come the end of next month. Bring it!]]>

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