Microsoft Tops The Best Company To Work For List In The UAE

February 7, 2013

The Redmond technology titan commands an impressive global presence. Not just commanding it seems, but highly esteemed as well, as a local study places Microsoft as the best company to work for in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Gulf Business, a report released by the Great Place to Work Institute places Microsoft at the very top, with Marriot Hotels and FedEx Express join it as the top three companies in the country. All three companies also made the podium in 2012.

The Institute recognizes and ranks the best places to work for in more than 45 counties worldwide. David Robert, the CEO of Great Place to Work had this to say:

“What is really exciting is the significant improvement UAE companies are showing in terms of employee trust levels and effective HR programs. Benchmarking these companies against our global lists shows the UAE ranks as the eighth-best nation for trust in the workplace.”

The remaining top 10 places are occupied by Ericsson, Omnicom Media Group, Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), Bayt and EMC2.

An interesting thing to note is that worldwide, this ranking is as different as night and day. According to a recent ranking by Fortune magazine, Google remained the best company to work for, while Microsoft was slotted in the 75th place.

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