Microsoft Tracks Down Australian Pirates Selling Windows 8

Windows 8 may slowly be increasing its market share, but Microsoft’s latest operating system has equally been a target of pirates who are all too happy to upload or sell illegal copies.

Such is the popularity of the OS that is fast becoming one of the most pirated operating systems in the world, even as Microsoft continues its fight against software piracy.

The software giant secured an important win recently in its battle against pirated software as it busted four Melbourne pirates who reportedly sold illegal copies of Windows 8 download from a pirate torrent tracker. Yup, pirates not only loot and plunder — some even have the audacity to sell the software.

The news was reported by SC Magazine complete with juicy details.

Additionally, Microsoft warned that it found no less than 20 different forms of malware on the DVDs once it analyzed them. No surprises there actually, once you think about it.

Most pirates inject and install cracks, hacks and patching tools to block the activation process of the operating system and other anti-piracy measures Microsoft put in Windows 8.

As usual, the software giant recommends users to purchase a genuine copy of Windows 8 and avoid downloading illegal versions of the OS, as they could be bundled with malware designed to steal and expose user’s data.

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