Microsoft Unboxed Video Series Here To Provide An Inside Look

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Microsoft has just launched a new video series called Microsoft Unboxed, with the goal of providing you with a rare look at what happens behind the scenes when engineers start working on new products.

The idea is to offer users inside access at how everything comes to be in the Microsoft world.

First video of this new series is already up, which will be hosted by Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien, and made available on YouTube. The company says that it will be publishing new videos every Thursday to discuss other products.

And the first video introduces users to the story behind the company’s AI for Good initiative, which the company describes as:

“In the first episode of our new YouTube series, Microsoft Unboxed, Sonia Dara and Colleen O’Brien go “behind the tech” to explore Microsoft’s AI for Good initiatives, unpacking AI for Accessibility and AI for Humanitarian Action. Hear the stories of the unique organizations and partners making an impact within these initiatives on this episode of Microsoft Unboxed.”

Give it a watch below:

Overall, a great way for Microsoft fans from all over the world to come together, and get a glimpse at what the company is cooking, what is happening behind closed doors at Redmond.

Remains to be seen if topics like Windows and Surface will be tackled by this series, which is something that will determine how successful it is in providing users with insights into the technology that Microsoft is creating.

But so far, so good.

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