Microsoft Unleashing 34 Windows Updates Today

And interestingly, these are not part of Patch Tuesday, or Update Tuesday, or what have you. More so, these Windows updates are flagged as optional on all systems, meaning they are not security in nature.

The company, of course, released this month’s Patch Tuesday updates last week.

As revealed, most of these updates are designed to resolve certain issues with the operating systems in question, as well as improve performance and reliability — including fixes for problems with WiFi connectivity and more.

Speaking of which, the operating systems in question are Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT and Windows RT 8.1.

Microsoft has not exactly provided complete details, but some of these updates are old updates that have been reissued, most likely with a few improvements here and there in order to address issues or problems with deployment and all that good stuff.

As usual, if you’re an IT administrator, you should start preparing for this new batch of updates and as usual still, many of these require reboots.

Meaning, saving your work in order to install these should be on your agenda.

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