Microsoft Unveils A Modern Version Of Its Support Forums

Microsoft’s community support forums make up an important part of the company’s products and services, with an increasingly large number of users turning to the forums for help and updates on any problems they encounter.

And just in time for the release of several important products like Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and the next generation Surface slates, the company has rolled out a modern version of its support forums.

An announcement posted on the main page of Microsoft Community details all the new changes.

First up is the integration of Wiki articles into the search results — thereby making sure that users find the answers to their questions even more easily.

Embedded images are now supported in order for users to better explain their questions, solution or even add to the conversation. This feature alone will make a world of difference to end users, and seems like a very welcome addition.

And finally, the service now features an updated and revised user interface that allows users to browse between Wikis, Discussion Threads and Questions using tabs placed at the top of the page. Answered and Unanswered sections are still available — but via radio buttons on the Questions tab.

This redesigned UI and bunch of new features will help Windows users quickly find answers to their questions and report bugs or issues in the software.

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