Microsoft Unveils Enterprise Mobility Suite, Available May 1

rumored, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, or EMS for short, is a collection of tools that businesses can utilize to manage the various mobile devices that their employees use — no matter whether they are powered by iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Brad Anderson, corporate vice president for cloud and enterprise at Redmond detailed this new cross platform suite of tools in a new blog post, saying:

“The EMS is the most comprehensive and complete platform for organizations to embrace these mobility and cloud trends. Looking across the industry, other offerings feature only disconnected pieces of what is needed. When you examine what Microsoft has built and what we are delivering, EMS is simply the only solution that has combined all of the capabilities needed to fully enable users in this new, mobile, cloud-enabled world.”
The EMS is made up of three sections, as was previously reported. First up is Windows Intune, the company’s already established cloud device management and security solution. Second is Azure Active Directory Premium that businesses can use to sign into services like Office 365 and more. This launches in April, by the way. And finally, Microsoft Azure Rights Management Services complete the puzzle, which is billed as a powerful way for organizations to protect their critical information, at rest or in transit. You can read up on complete details at the link above. Licensing for EMS will be on a per user basis, instead of a per device subscription, which makes sense. The service is set for an official launch on May 1 via Microsoft’s Enterprise Volume Licensing channels.]]>

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