Microsoft Unveils New Windows Mixed Reality Environment

Things just got real! Microsoft has just announced a bunch of new additions for Windows Mixed Reality platform, which will be part of the upcoming Windows 10 spring update.

Redstone 4, as it is codenamed.

The details have been provided on the Windows blog, and basically this is Redmond delivering on its promise from a while back. That of allowing users to experience Windows Mixed Reality in different environments.

Users already have access to the existing Cliff House environment, and now they will also be able to use what is called Skyloft.

This is how it actually looks:

Mixed Reality Skyloft

Not bad, eh?

Insiders can already test this right now by going to Places in the Mixed Reality Start Menu — as long as they are running build 17115 of the new operating system that has found its way on the Fast ring of the preview program.

But the new environment is just one of the new features heading their way.

Also inbound is support for haptic feedback on Motion Controllers for SteamVR games. Along with performance improvements for those games where they will now use less video RAM. This is something that users have been asking for quite a while now, so it’s good to see that Microsoft is paying attention.

The software titan also notes that the performance of the live video preview on the desktop is improved as well. It has also updated automatic performance settings, and these can be changed in Settings under Headset Display.

Another new ability is for users to take Windows Mixed Reality photos by pressing the Windows button on the controller and then hitting the trigger. And last but not least, the setup experience has been updated to provide more information about compatibility with USB 3.0 controllers and graphics cards.

Solid list of improvements that will go a long way in improving the experience for users.

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