Microsoft Updates Bing Image Search With New Features

Time for one of those regular Bing updates! Redmond has rolled out a new Bing Image Search refresh, providing the service with some subtle layout improvements and a few useful features.

Features that improve the quality of search.

The biggest visual change is that the emphasis is now on the images, instead of details like dimensions, sizes and sources. These details are overlaid, allowing for a much better use of the screen space. This is illustrated in the image below:

Bing Image Search Updated

Additionally, Microsoft now makes it easier to buy products when searching for them by providing suggestions on where to buy a specific item.

Related searches based on an image help find images to those that have been found.

Plus, the company has also baked in the ability to find other images pinned by people on Pinterest, if they have pinned the one you clicked on. The software titan plans on adding support for more such visual websites in the future.

Finding more sizes of an image is also refined now.

And finally, an interesting feature is the ability to find pages with a particular image. This essentially puts an image in context, and provides users interested in finding more details about a photo a list of websites that are using that image.

Microsoft plans to roll out all these new features on PCs, tablets and smartphones, web and app, worldwide in the coming weeks.

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