Microsoft Upgrades Its Trade-In Program Ahead Of Windows 8.1 Launch

Redmond put up its brand new trade-in program last week whereby the company offered at least $200 to iPad owners that wanted to exchange their tablet for a Surface slate.

But while that program was somewhat limited in scope, this time the company has upgraded the campaign and broadened it to include owners of other gadgets, not just iPads. Nearly any and all smartphones and tablets are now in.

According to a report over at ZDNet, Clover Wireless has put up a new website for Microsoft that is designed to accept pretty much all modern gadgets. Users can sign up on the website and list their device (or devices) they want to trade in. The ad reads:

“Get up to $350 back when you trade up from an old iPad, iPhone, or other device to a new Windows Phone or tablet. It’s easy! Just find out how much your old device is worth, purchase a new Windows Phone or tablet, mail the old device to Clover Wireless and they’ll send you a Visa prepaid card in return.”

The website provides interested users with a monetary offer for the value of those devices.

Users are then sent a shipping label along with instructions on how to mail in those old gadgets. They then have up to 30 days to purchase a new Windows device — a Surface tablet or Windows Phone handset. Once that is done, users will have to show a proof of purchase of said product.

The company will then send a prepaid Visa card with the amount of money for the older products that the user traded in within 60 days.

You can take a look at the website here at this link.

It is not the simplest of tasks, and the rebate money takes a fair amount of time to fly in. If anything, it technically cannot be used to buy a Surface tablet at a Microsoft Store.

But for people that don’t have a Microsoft Store location near where they live, then this could potentially be a rather good alternative to dispose their old gadget, get new Windows powered devices, and also receive some cash in return.

Written by Elliott Norris


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