Microsoft US Mobile Market Share Still Stagnant, Says comScore

The Windows Phone platform is making some impressive strides in most parts of the world, but it has not been able to budge the US smartphone market for quite some time now.

According to the latest numbers and statistics from research firm comScore, Microsoft’s smartphone OS market share in the United States has remained stagnant — its three month average market share up to the period ending January 2013 came in at 3.1 percent.

Forget growth, this actually puts it 0.1 percent down from the same three month average period that ended in October 2012.

Apple, on the other hand posted significant gains, with a 3.5 percent increase to claim 37.8 percent of the US smartphone market. Android and BlackBerry were the two major losers in this case.

Google’s mobile platform saw a drop of 1.3 percent to fall down to 52.3 percent — still a commanding and comfortable lead over its nearest rival, Apple. BlackBerry (formerly known as RIM) slid by another 1.9 percent to end up at 5.9 percent of the market in the country.

Another way to look at things is that despite registering no growth, Microsoft’s mobile platforms (Windows Phone and a small fraction of Windows Mobile users) resisted a large slide in the market.

In other words, Redmond’s mobile platform remained firm, in such a highly volatile market. If BlackBerry keeps on falling, Microsoft will quite definitely take its place as the third mobile platform of choice.

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