Microsoft: Users Choose Windows For Serious Productivity And Serious Fun

Windows 8 has been on the receiving end of criticism from a number of analysts and hardware vendors, but despite this, Microsoft’s newest platform is gaining new users and increasing its market share, with latest data from the company suggesting that it has moved 100 million licenses.

And as far the technology titan is concerned people are choosing Windows for because of the great mix of productivity and fun that the platform offers.

In a blog post, Julie Larson-Green explained what shapes the company’s vision for modern computing:

“We know people choose Windows because it’s important to their lives and their businesses. They trust and rely on Windows for serious productivity and more and more serious fun. We are proud to keep evolving Windows in a way that brings forward over 25 years of computing and to create the platform for tomorrow.”

According to the Windows boss, more than 1 billion unique Windows computers are getting updates every single month — a mind numbing figure, which becomes even more impressive when you consider that this number does not include the ones that are on a corporate network or used by companies.

However, the major UI changes introduce with Windows 8 have been often cited as one of the reasons that have confused the end users, at least initially.

But Julie maintains that learning is an essential process for operating systems that come with significant changes, as is the case with the company’s newest OS.

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