Microsoft video shows the Surface Duo in action

July 30, 2020
Surface Duo Shiproom Video

Another video of the Microsoft Surface Duo has popped up, showing the anticipated Android device in action, and confirming that we are very near its launch.

This time around, the clip shows company officials messing around with the device.

It’s a bit bizarre, in that the video is linked to Microsoft’s “The Shiproom”. This is a YouTube series that explores other companies using Microsoft tools.

And while what’s shown is not particularly in depth, the video does hint how the Duo can be a tool to support the control of other devices and software. The company’s corporate vice president of commercial management experiences Brad Anderson can be seen using it.

See for yourself:

Microsoft video shows the Surface Duo in actioni

Short and sweet.

Just the way I like it.

Andersen changes the green screen background of The Shiproom set in the clip, all using the Surface Duo. Whether the Duo will be able to do things like this right out the box remains to be seen, but one thing is clear that the Android device will be deeply integrated with all things Microsoft.

Redmond is sure to link its own software and third-party applications with the Surface Duo, in time, particularly those that work well on Android and Windows 10.

To top it off, Microsoft is said to be using a heavily modified user interface that will look like a smartphone version of Windows 10.

The Surface Duo also works with a slim Surface Pen stylus, meaning it’s all geared up for productivity.

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