Microsoft Wants Dual Screen Support On Google Chrome

Surface Neo

And it has already started work on this feature, in the Chromium project. This essentially means that all browsers using this technology would then support this new form factor.

Redmond is betting big on dual screen technology taking off.

Even if it has reshuffled some of its plans.

Still, we do know that the Surface Duo Android phone and the Surface Neo dual screen laptop powered by Windows 10X will be here sooner or later. The Neo my have been pushed back to 2021, but the Duo is still on track for arrival this year.

And ahead of the launch, the software titan is laying the groundwork for dual screen support of the browsers that will be available on these devices.

As spotted, the company has been working on dual screen emulation for the Chromium engine. And right now, this feature works on the Surface Duo and the Samsung Galaxy Fold. In other words, this support is not just limited to one operating system — it’s a Windows and Android world we live in.

So, while the final goal is to bring support for dual screen support to Chromium for Microsoft’s own benefit, partners will also be able to make this work on their apps too.

Even Google, when it made use of some battery enhancements that Microsoft originally developed, in its Google Chrome web browser.

For now, though, this feature is in early development.

But judging by the pace, it should not be long before dual screen support comes to Chromium based browsers across the board.

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