Microsoft Wants Your Help To Improve Notepad

Windows apps have been a mixed bag recently when it comes to updates and development attention. Particularly, ones like Notepad, WordPad and the original Paint.

That should come as no surprise, considering the fact that the software giant has reserved most of its attention towards applications like Calculator, Calendar, Mail and even Clock. These are all software that have received the Fluent Design treatment in Windows 10, as well as new bells and whistles.

But it so seems that the company wants to bring other programs up to speed too.

And it needs your help in doing so.

Steve Teixeira, who is now the General Manager, Partner App Experience, Windows and Devices Group at Microsoft hopes that users can help improve these applications.

This is what he posted on Twitter:

Goes without saying, that with more than 150 answers to the tweet, the community responded strongly, offering suggestions and ideas for improvement to what is one of the most used programs built into the operating system.

For some, perhaps the most important, as the utility of a solution like Notepad is unmatched, particularly for power users and professionals.

Many of the requests are centered around, and related to, programming, as many people still use the modest little text editor for coding. But other hints are thrown around too, including a dark mode, tabbed notes, line numbers, a comparison feature, timeline integration and Regex searching.

There are also calls for OneDrive integration, which sure could come in handy.

Hopefully, with the new guy in charge now, we can see the needle move again on the built-in apps in Windows 10 that seemingly have been forgotten.

What are your ideas? See a way where things can be improved, more features added? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!

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