Microsoft: We Are Happy With Nokia, No Plans For A Surface Phone

The rumors of a Surface phone have been growing ever since Microsoft made official its plans to launch the Surface tablets. These were further fueled when Nokia CEO recently commented that a Surface phone would help the ecosystem.

But as far as Redmond is concerned, the technology titan has long been refuting rumors of a possible smartphone carrying a Microsoft logo. And the company did the same just today.

Speaking at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference, Terry Myerson, the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s mobile division said that the company is very happy with the devices its partners have launched.

According to The Verge, Myerson said that Microsoft does not feel the need to launch its own handset:

“It would have to be something where Nokia or HTC was not providing the consumer experience we think is possible with our platform.”

He did say that things would have been different if the Windows Phone 8 smartphones from the likes of Nokia or HTC were not as wildly successful as they are at the moment. In fact, Microsoft considers the Finnish telecommunication giant, Nokia, a great partner for its Windows Phone platform.

Recent reports, however, seemed to suggest that Microsoft was already testing a Surface phone, though obviously nothing official materialized.

For now, though, Nokia is leading the Windows Phone 8 party with its Lumia smartphones. The Finnish company’s handsets cover all price points, from the affordable Lumia 520 to the deluxe Lumia 920.

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