Microsoft: We Cannot Promise Windows 8.1 Features

Some of the more interesting new developments on the Windows 8.1 front after the release of the preview version have been the countless bug reports and feature requests from the community.

Users have taken to Microsoft’s official community forums and expressed their desires to see certain features in the final version of the operating system. But as far as what features will make the final cut in the OS, Microsoft is not ready to make any promises — for obvious reasons.

A Redmond representative explained in a post on the official forums that the company is actually working on several features on high priority, and only then will deal with all the requests.

The reasoning he put forth is simple! What if all developers catch the flu just before Windows 8.1 RTM is ready for release. History tells us that the best laid plans have been put to ruin by flu before.

Here is a sampling of how development work is coming along at Microsoft:

“For obvious reasons, we simply can’t promise future features. They may be harder to implement that expected. Some EVEN HIGHER priority issue might arise and steal our developer time until the next release. We may all contract the flu and be out during the push to the final release. Or any other of a dozen reasons why we can’t provide some particular feature that you are asking for.”

Sounds pretty intensive!

While a major portion of the work on Windows 8.1 seems to be done, a fair percentage still remains. And this includes final testing of all the features of the OS on various devices, and the tons of bug fixes that are being reported. Only then will be the operating system be handed over to manufacturers.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has made it clear that it is listening to all user feedback, and here’s hoping that a lot of what the users want makes the final cut when the OS goes live.

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