Microsoft Will Come Down To Earth With Windows Blue, Says Acer

Oh what would we do without a technology company like Acer? If you are a Microsoft fan you may have heard about a little hardware maker that goes by the name of Acer Inc.

The Taiwanese company has been, undoubtedly, the most vocal critic of Redmond’s Windows 8 strategy, even going as far to bah Microsoft’s foray into computer hardware. And now officials from the company have taken on Windows Blue.

Sharing his views with the Wall Street Journal, Acer president Jim Wong said that Windows Blue will help Microsoft come back to earth and compel the software titan to finally make its flagship operating system a fair bit more user-friendly.

“When we were talking to Microsoft, our input to them is balance. The world in the next five years is not going 100 percent to touch. Although touch makes a lot of possibilities for PCs, you need to take care of the rest of the world that doesn’t need touch.”

Rumor is that Microsoft is ready to bring back the Start button in Windows Blue (Windows 8.1, for that matter), but it is not clear where this returning feature will actually launch the classic Start Menu, or just serve as a shortcut to the modern Start Screen.

Jim Wong also talked about how he expects Windows Blue to pave way for more affordable devices, as the somewhat hefty price of the current Windows 8 product range has been considered a major setback for Microsoft’s newest platform:

“In the past we consider they (Microsoft) live in heaven. But now they go down to earth and they start to learn how people living on earth think.”

It will be quite interesting to see what Acer thinks of Microsoft once Windows Blue is out in the open. For the time being though, the hardware maker will be preparing an exciting welcome party for Redmond’s arrival back to planet earth.

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