Microsoft will continue to upgrade Windows 10 Task Manager

Windows 10 Task Manager

The Task Manager in Windows 10 is one of the apps that consumers use on a daily basis and Microsoft plans to keep the upgrades coming.

Based on reports on the internet, there are three tweaks coming to the Windows 10 Task Manager that will add value to the experience.

We’ll take a look at each one below but first:

What is the Windows 10 Task Manager?

Task Manager is one of the apps that consumers use on a daily basis and it provides us with essential information of the system including CPU, GPU, Disk, and as well as Network usage.

Windows 10 Task Manager

What are the new features coming to Task Manager?

System Architecture

According to a report from Twitter user Walking Cat, Microsoft is planning to add a new Architecture column to the Task Manager.

Allegedly, the Architecture column will display the architecture of process such as x86, x64 or Arm32. Similar functionality already exists on the Details tab (Platform) column, but it’s limited to 64-bit and 32-bit.

It’s unknown when this update will arrive.

Disk Type

Disk Type Task Manager

Disk Type Task Manager

Windows 10 version 2004 (Spring 2020) will come with the addition of disk type in the Task Manager Performance tab.

This will allow users to quickly identify the disk types – HDDs, SSDs and other disk types.

The disk type is listed under the disk section of the performance tab.

Task Manager GPU Temperature

Microsoft is adding GPU (graphics card) temperature monitoring support to the Task Manager.

Task Manager GPU

Task Manager GPU

If you have a dedicated GPU card and graphics driver is updated, The Windows 10 Task Manager will now display the current temperature of the GPU card.

GPU temperature in Task Manager is currently only supported if you have dedicated GPU card, but support for the integrated graphics could be added in future.

Task Manager currently displays the temperature value in Celsius and the option is also included in Windows 10 version 2004 (20H1).

Stay tuned for more updates…

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