Microsoft Will Demo Windows 8 And Surface Tablets In British Airports

Redmond may be getting very close to the public debut of Windows Blue as well as the next generation Surface slates, but its global marketing blitz for the original Surface and Windows 8 is not yet over.

This is unsurprising when you consider that the Surface Pro is about to make its debut in several important markets around the world.

And speaking of important markets, there are few more vital ones than the United Kingdom. The latest is that Microsoft will soon move its advertising campaign for two of its most important products in British airports — the technology titan wants to show travellers the benefits of its new OS.

This was reported by The Drum, which says that Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Stansted airports will hold special presentations of Windows 8 and Surface Pro, starting mid-June.

According to Allan Cobb, the managing director of Momentum UK, the company responsible for this new campaign:

“We’re thrilled to be spearheading the Microsoft Windows 8 summer activation, especially one aimed at driving engagement with such a diverse audience. We believe our presence in departure lounges across UK airports this summer will provide the perfect platform to engage travelers with the latest devices.”

As the saying goes, if you have got to do something, it pays to do it right.

And with the large number of people (travellers and otherwise) that visit British airports, this provides Microsoft with the perfect opportunity to introduce two of its most important products. With just in the nick of time too — Windows Blue and next generation Surface are right around the corner.

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