Microsoft will end Windows 7 support very soon

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More than 10 years ago Microsoft released Windows 7.

The follow up to Windows Vista boasted improved performance on the same hardware Vista was being run on, the UI was much cleaner and ultimately, it was a much more stable operating system.

But now over 10 years since its release Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates and support from Microsoft.

Windows 7 users have started receiving this message from Microsoft on their PC.

Windows 7 notification

The official date for end of support is 14th January 2020.

So what happens on 15th January 2020 if you still happen to be using Windows 7?

Nothing much. Your PC will continue to work but it will no longer receive security updates. Also, customer service for Windows 7 will also no longer be available.

In addition, services for Windows 7 will be discontinued over time. The electronic program guide present in Windows Media Center for instance, will no longer be available after January 2020.

While Microsoft has promised to provide security updates to Office 365 users on Windows seven until January 2023.

The advice however is that businesses should use this time to transition to a newer operating system such as Windows 10. It should be noted that while Office 365 will receive security updates on Windows 7, it will not receive feature updates.

The best advice is to start the process of migrating to Windows 10.

Not only will you receive the latest updates as they are released, newer software is often primed to operate properly on newer operating systems and issues relating to instability will be less common.

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