Microsoft Will Explain Windows 10 Mobile Future When Ready

Even though Microsoft executives have made it abundantly clear that the company is still fully supporting Windows 10 Mobile platform, their decisions have not always aligned with these statements.

This has led to an increasing amount of confusion and angst among the community.

With many believing that the mobile OS is now on life support.

Even as new enterprise features are being developed for high-end Windows phones that are on the market like the HP Elite x3. But as things stand, that phone, along with the Alcatel flagship, pretty much make up the only high-end choices for fans of the mobile platform.

These recent developments have, once again, resulted in fans asking Microsoft executives for their comments to address these concerns.

Brandon LeBlanc from the Windows Insider team was honestly outspoken here, when asked, explaining that the company will explain things when they are ready:

Saying it straight.

Another user pointed out that when the company will be ready, there may not be anyone left. To which LeBlanc replied that they understand the situation quite well:

The situation being an 80.9% decline in sales compared to last year, according to an IDC forecast, that estimates total sales to come in at just around 1.1 million units in 2017. Basically, the future of the mobile operating system is under a severe threat now, and there is nothing much anybody can do.

Expect wait for Microsoft to somehow reboot it completely, with whatever it is planning right now.

Let’s just hope the day when the company is able to explain things is not too far away!

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