Microsoft Will Offer At Least $200 If You Trade In An Old iPad

Trade-in programs are not exactly the newest of trends in the technology world. Many companies offer such campaigns, and even Microsoft that has initiated such programs in the past.

And now Redmond is back with another exciting one, with details quietly posted on its website.

This brand new campaign just debuted across the United States, and as part of this new promotion, the company is offering at least $200 to users who trade in their old iPads for any other item that is available for sale in a Microsoft Store.

Vouchers are available in exchange for an iPad 2, 3 or 4 – the first generation iPad and iPad Mini seem to be ineligible for this trading offer.

And even though the company is not necessitating participants to purchase a Surface slate, the intentions seem plain obvious — this is clearly an exciting new strategy to help boost the sales of the Surface RT and Pro tablets.

This campaign is scheduled to run through October 27, 2013, meaning this is a perfect opportunity for users that are eye a second generation Surface tablet and want to avail this discount.

The second-generation Surface slates are expected to be officially unveiled on September 23, with sales reportedly starting beginning on October 18, at the same time Windows 8.1 hits general availability. Having said that, do keep in mind that nothing is confirmed, as of yet, in terms of dates.

But with things starting at $200 and only going up, you can save a fair few coins if you want to make the jump to a shiny new Surface RT or Pro by trading in an iPad.

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