Microsoft will only allow China to upgrade to Windows 8 via download

china flag piracy china flag piracy[/caption] In a move that seems to be born from the urge to curb piracy, Microsoft is not going to be distributing Windows 8 physical media for sale in China. PCWorld is reporting that Chinese residents/citizens will only be able to download a copy of Windows 8. Microsoft has confirmed that it will not be selling physical box copies of Windows 8 in that country. reports that, according to a statement from Microsoft, “After having talked to many customers, Microsoft has made the decision to simplify the distribution model of Windows in China, by taking all physical Windows media off the market.” This move was probably done to curb piracy but even bigger than that, it’s a pretty harsh stance. Basically, if you live in China and don’t have wi-fi, you are screwed. That is nuts. This will be the beginning of that conversation I think – do the poor have a right to physical media? Stay tuned..]]>

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