Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade From Windows Vista Home Premium

If you are using Microsoft’s Windows Vista Home Premium, there are chances, you would like to upgrade to Windows 7. Since, Vista basic or home premium cannot be upgraded to profession of ultimate versions of operating system 7, the only choice left for you in an Upgrade from Vista home Premium to 7 home premium. It can be done implementing two methods, which are –

1. Upgrade the Vista Home Basic to 7 Home Basic without using any product key.

(If you are a user with a non-HP or non-HB windows 7 DVD media, you can copy the entire installation file t hard disk drive, modify or delete ei.cfg file to select the particular installing edition of windows 7. If you have an ISO image software can use Windows 7 ISO image edition switcher or ei.cfg Removal Utility. This would make all Windows 7 editions available for selection during setup.)

2. After in-place upgrade of Windows 7, boot and log on 7 desktop. This would run windows anytime upgrade that is actually authenticated to the user who purchased WAU license pack.

Special Consideration –

. To perform this upgrade you can use either product key from retail channel or OEMSLP, as both are accepted. Hence, if you are facing any trouble in upgrading from Windows Vista home premium to Windows 7, you may use OEMSLP product key to perform WAU upgrade.

. This upgrade of 7 Home Premium takes around 10 minutes as well as a reboot to complete the entire upgrade process. Once it is completed, your 7 enabled personal computer is ready and running.

. If you are s till facing problem in doing the same and not able to use a Windows 7 upgrade version product key to install or activate installed 7, can look for a solution that will help you to clean install Windows 7 with upgrade license.

It is important to take not of these important considerations for a successful upgrade of Windows Vista to Windows 7.

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