Microsoft: Windows 8.1 Is An Update, Not A Service Pack

The technology titan proved a lot of rumors right yesterday, after confirming that Windows Blue was just a codename for the upcoming upgrade, and it would hit the market as Windows 8.1.

Microsoft also revealed that a public preview version is set for arrival on June 26.

The CFO of the Windows division Tami Reller mentioned all these details at the JP Morgan Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. But another important fact that the senior executive declared was that Windows 8.1 is not to be considered a service pack — it is a complete update for Windows 8.

Technology enthusiasts would have no problem making a difference between the two, but what this means is that the software titan is quite ready to put an end to the service pack concept.

This concept was popularized with Windows XP, and the classic operating system was the first to get these service packs. Windows version 3, on the other hand, actually received major version upgrades, the most popular of which was Windows 3.1.

It goes without saying that Windows 8.1 seems to be cut from the same cloth.

What this means for Windows 7 users is that they could indeed be left without a second service pack. Not many are expecting Microsoft to release one, but some were still hoping Microsoft would change its mind and release something

Nevertheless, we have official confirmation that Windows 8.1 is a substantially bigger upgrade than a traditional update, even bigger than what one would expect from a service pack. What this new strategy means is that Microsoft may also be open to releasing Windows 8.2 sometimes next year.

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