Microsoft Windows 8 app developers will now get crash reports

Developing an app isn’t easy, even harder is making sure that the proper testing is conducted ahead of time. For a small studio, testing out an app for all kinds of hardware and equipment is near impossible. The good news is that Microsoft is able to do a lot of that testing for developers through their Windows Store app certification process. In fact, Microsoft says the most common reason for an app rejection is that it didn’t respond or ended up crashing during the tests.

While this helps make sure only high quality apps get to us consumers, it doesn’t do much for the developers that find their apps rejected and aren’t exactly sure what went wrong to cause a failure.

Through Microsoft’s app developer blog, MS has now announced that they will be helping out these developers by providing crash reports that help detail what went wrong during certification. Microsoft’s Dave Smith, a principal test manager, says that there will be two formats provided for these crash results. The first will be a dump file (.dmp) that can be opened in Visual Studio 2012 or Windows Debugger Tools. The other method is through an ErrorInfo (.txt) file, with the later of these formats containing information about crashes that are related to an unhandled JavaScript exception.

This is great news for the “little guy” companies out there with limited resources and the inability to launch full beta testing processes. For the consumer, it is good news, too. Why? By providing these crash reports to developers, it is much easier for the developers to fix the problem and get the apps up and running.

This quicker turn around could translate to more apps arriving in the Windows Store at an ever-increasing pace. While Microsoft’s app selection has grown, there is still a long ways to go before Microsoft can hold a candle (app wise) to competitors like Apple and Google. Moves like this certainly help though.

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Speaking of apps, where are we right now when it comes to the number of apps? Globally we have nearly 40,000 apps, which have been downloaded more than a hundred million times. Not a bad start at all. In the spirit of this, we ask: what do you think Windows 8 is currently missing, app-wise? (Besides obvious choices like Facebook). Share your thoughts below.

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