Microsoft Windows Blue Strategy Becomes Just A Little More Clear

While Redmond is yet to confirm even a single rumor regarding its upcoming Project Blue company-wide initiative, industry experts have been scrambling to piece together what is next for Windows 8 as an OS.

The newest version of Windows 8 hit stores just a few months back in October 2012, but Microsoft reportedly soon went to work on a new flavor of its operating system — this time gunning for a quick yearly update cycle, much like a certain fruity company by the name Apple.

Now the latest word on the streets is that the company is planning to offer some important discounts to OEM manufacturers in order to boost up sales.

Not only is Windows 8 itself getting some price cuts, but the software titan is reportedly bundling its Office suite in order to help manufacturers bring more touch enabled devices to the market, particularly those in the 10 and 11 inch display form factors.

The idea behind all this is simple — Microsoft wants PC vendors to innovate a little and create new PC form factors, from small notebooks to small tablets that would run Windows 8.

And hopefully drive sales along the way.

Windows Blue would then be offered to Windows 8 users as a free (or low cost) upgrade. But for this to happen it is essential for Microsoft to have a large user base for Windows 8 in order to give Windows Blue a chance to succeed.

For what is emerging, Windows Blue is reportedly designed with this portability in mind, with the ability to run on a wide array of devices, from tablets and PCs, large screen and small.

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