Microsoft: Windows Store Is Already More Successful Than iOS Store

The Windows Store may be off to a slow start but business sure has picked up there in the past month or so. The average number of apps published daily on the repository sometime peak at 1,000.

Nevertheless, according to some in the industry, the store is still growing at a leisurely pace.

But that is not the case for Microsoft. As far as the technology titan is concerned, everything is going according to plan. In fact, according to the company, the Windows Store is already more successful than the iOS Store — at least when it comes to the number of apps approved in the first six month.

Microsoft CFO Tami Reller explained in a statement:

“Apps momentum has been steady as the number of apps in the Windows Store has increased 6x since launch. Comparatively, that’s already passed what iOS had in store, in its first year of app development.

We’ve also surpassed 250 million Store apps downloaded in the first six months, and almost 90% of our app catalog has been downloaded every month.”

MetroStore Scanner, the unofficial website that keeps tabs on the number of apps available for download in the Windows Store says that currently there are over 69,000 unique applications approved by Microsoft — with hundreds more being added daily.

It is still early days, but there is a very distinct possibility that the Windows Store may yet become the most popular apps repository in the world in the very near future.

The power and reach of the Windows operating system in general, and Windows on mobile devices like tablets and convertibles in particular, cannot be ruled out.

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