Microsoft Windows Xp- The Most Powerful Operating System

Introduction of a powerful operating system Microsoft Windows XP has proven to be a revolutionary step that brings enormous flexibility and ease of use to the user. It falls under category of one of the extremely reliable and sturdy operating systems for all categories of users.

Windows XP installation is highlighted with powerful features like unattended installations and remote installations and is endorsed with multiple new features such as user account management and groups management at a much easier GUI level.

Microsoft also includes several new features in terms of auditing and generating a lot of reports in logs for the administrative user. Windows installer is provided in this new operating system which helps to remove code clutter to ensure a more stable operating system than earlier versions.

Significant improvement in user interface and options can be easily experienced, since it enables a greater ease-of-use for optimum users, and on the other hand options like multilingual support are pointing towards corporate environment. The plug-and-play of Windows XP features an extremely good compatibility with mobile hardware, and thus takes hardware support and installation to a new level.

Microsoft Windows XP runs on new and revolutionary NTFS file system and is much advantageous over the old FAT and FAT32 file systems. Networking set up and troubleshooting environment is much improved with new features like off-line folder sharing and resource management. Remote connectivity is achievable with the launch of Windows XP, which ensures flexibility to telecommuter while working from home.

Sharing is an important task of a network operating system and requires sharing its resources on the network, where Windows XP enables us to share folders and printers and by default out of the box Windows XP totally disables inbound connections.

Your need to run network setup wizard first time when you share a file or folder or if you know what you are doing then you can just turn on sharing. The simple file sharing in the folder options need to be turned off, which is the prior task to accomplish. Turning on network sharing all inbound connections are made as guests

One big trick which Microsoft does not tell you is that when you turn on network sharing all inbound connections are made as guests. So turning on network sharing turns the guest account on its own.

Microsofts powerful operating system Windows XP has enabled a complete new range of remote connections and telecommuting. Internet connections are becoming faster and faster telecommuting is becoming a much stronger and feasible option for many executives constantly on travel or working from home.

Multiple connections for your home office and other environments can be easily maintained with Windows XP. Dial up networking is extremely easy to configure on Windows XP. All you have to do is go to control panel and head to network setup and internet and then choose to create a new network connection on your machine.

Microsoft Windows XP comes in versatile version, where Windows XP Home Edition is targeted at home users and Windows XP Professional is targeted at power users, business and enterprise clients offering additional features such as support for Windows Server domains and two physical processors.

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