Microsoft won't budge – they are disabling go to desktop workarounds

Rafael Rivera has said that he verified that users cannot boot straight to the Desktop in Windows 8. With Windows 8 previews and previous beta builds, users could create shortcuts that went directly to the Windows 8 Desktop. Those shortcuts could then be activated immediately after a user logged in and this would effectively bypass Metro immediately. Mr. Rivera also believes that Group Policy to allow users to circumvent the Metro startup screen has been blocked as well. I am baffled by this decision because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make this stick. The first rule of software is that almost anything is programmatically possible. We already have Stardock’s Start8 program which is said to work in the final version of Windows 8, all Microsoft is ensuring is that there will be more software programs developed to do just this. This does raise a very important question – will Microsoft go as far as to threaten litigation to software third party vendors who get around this? If the answer is no, it almost seems like why not just give users the choice in the first place? This is one of my pet peeves with Windows 8 that I have documented from the beginning – it’s a decision that seeks to veto the choice of the consumer. Those usually never end well. What do you think? Would you like to be able to boot directly to the desktop?]]>

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