Microsoft Working Hard To Bring In More App Developers, Announces New App Contests

Alright, we get it, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 don’t have the same number of apps at this point as other major mobile platforms. The good news is that Microsoft isn’t letting things stand still and seems more dedicated than ever to push app development forward.

For both everyday consumers and enterprise users, having great apps is crucial in today’s age. This is why Microsoft has really started pushing contests as a way to attract more app developers as well as award them for working with a developing platform.

Right now, there are two different contests to choose from, depending on whether you plan to write an app for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Windows 8: Windows Startup Challenge

Are you an app developer that has considered getting started with Windows 8 as a development platform? If so, the “Windows Startup Challenge” might appeal to you. This contest is pretty simple, actually.

In the initial stage you don’t even need to have a working app. Instead, you just need to submit a two minute video that shows some kind of prototype of the app you or your team (up to 5 people) want to create. This can be a full presentation with photo renderings, an actual prototype written app or anything in between.

The deadline for submitting videos for consideration is January 29th. After the deadline, a project will be picked. At this stage, five teams will be given a mentor that will help them work to complete and design their app by March 1st.

According to Microsoft, the top five teams will all receive promo packages that include marketing and PR support from Microsoft. The top team out of the five will also get an opportunity to launch their app to a global audience at the DEMO Mobile Stage on April 17th– which could be a perfect audience for finding investors, getting the press interested and more.

Think this sounds like a good idea but you are instead interested in Windows Phone 8 development? Don’t worry, Microsoft has a competition for you as well.

Windows Phone 8: Next App Star

So what is the “Next App Star” all about? Basically you are competing against many other Windows Phone developers to make your way into the top 64. The top 64 apps submitted will get special prizes such as a Nokia Lumia 920 and free year of Dev Center access.

As for the top winner? Your app will actually star in a national Windows Phone TV ad, talk about major app exposure.

So how do you get involved? You have until March 5th to submit your app. According to the Windows Phone developer blog:

..we will judge the app submissions for the contest based on an equal weighting of user ratings and app quality, including your implementation of new Windows Phone 8 features, like Live Tiles. We’ll narrow the field to 64 entries to participate in a head-to-head, bracket-style competition with public voting. Over the next several weeks of voting the field of 64 will be narrowed to 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and finally the grand prize winner.

It’s special competitions like the two mentioned above that will make all the difference in bringing in new apps. Not only do apps bring in more customers but holding these kinds of events also wins you the loyalty of developers. In today’s market, having the greatest apps is the way to win the mobile war.

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