Microsoft Working On Adding External Ethernet Support To Surface RT Slates

Accessories are one thing that often make or break a device, for power users, at least. Microsoft has developed a handful of official accessories for its Surface lineup of tablets, and it looks like we could be in for another one.

Word is that the technology titan is considering adding external Ethernet support to future Surface RT slates, thereby allowing users the option to browse the web and connect to networks with an alternate option besides WiFi.

The Surface RT, obviously, does not come with an Ethernet port. And while some third-party external USB Ethernet dongles are available, they do not work on the tablet, because Windows RT does not support external Ethernet drivers.

A few people have reportedly managed to get them up and running, but this is not practically feasible or achievable for the average user. Now it appears that Microsoft wants to change this.

The always reliable Mary Jo Foley is writing that the technology titan is already working on such an accessory, because the company is keen to promote its tablet as a productivity device. An Ethernet dongle for the Surface RT is also very much a possibility.

Microsoft, for its part, has already confirmed that now accessories for its Surface tablets are expected to be released during fiscal year 2014.

Nevertheless, an accessory like this would certainly be a big help for frequent travelers that prefer connecting to a good old Ethernet port at a hotel room or airport terminal instead of an unreliable WiFi connection.

Another big reason for giving users this additional option is that it provides them with a backup in case they experience limited or no WiFi connectivity. Surface tablets have in the past experienced some pesky bugs where users reported restricted wireless connectivity

Though most of these issues have been sorted out, but having more options never hurts.

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