Microsoft Working On New Surface Models

New Surface models incoming! A ton of fresh details have made their way out, regarding what the Surface division Microsoft is cooking. And from the looks of things, they are cooking up a batch.

This report provided us some timely hints on the new Surface products that are in development, from shiny new devices to updates to existing models. And then there is this report that confirms a low cost Surface is coming this summer.

While the Surface Pro 6 is slated for next year.

Heavy traffic, then.

Microsoft apparently refers to the next Surface Pro internally as Carmel, while Libra is the codename for an affordable tablet that could specifically be aimed at the education market.

And then there’s the Andromeda project that we have heard a lot about recently, as a mobile device in the form of a note taking machine with two screens. Quite similar to the Intel Tiger Rapid concept that was shown off at Computex recently.

Getting down to details, we have intelligence that Carmel could make its way out by the middle of 2019, with a major redesign. No specifics available, but USB-C is one of the features that is set to be embraced by Redmond for this one.

Libra, meanwhile, is expected to be cost around $400, house an Intel Core M processor, and could launch with an ARM chip running the Windows 10 on ARM operating system.

Andromeda, meanwhile, is still on track to launch by the end of the year.

Microsoft has also lined up the Surface Hub 2, a new generation HoloLens, codenamed Sydney, as well as refreshes for the Surface Pro and the Surface Laptop.

The company also plans to launch new Surface branded accessories, like a headset similar to Jabra Evolve, along with a new Surface dock, again with a late 2019 released date target.

It merits a mention that all these plans have been created by outgoing Windows chief Terry Myerson, and since they are yet to be confirmed by the company, they may change overnight. The new leadership team has the final say on what products make it to the market, and what are cancelled before launch.

But what we do know is that Microsoft has a whole lot of stuff in store.

If hardware is your jam.

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