Microsoft’s Anti-Google Campaign Rakes Up Thousands Of Signatures Overnight

There is a thin line between stupendous and suspicious — just ask Lance Armstrong. Hopefully this is more in the vein of stupendous from Microsoft, though there are enough reasons to believe otherwise.

Here is the full lowdown.

Microsoft’s Scroogled assault against Google also included an online petition, calling for users to sign it and pressurize the Mountain View search engine to stop looking into user’s inbox in order to serve ads.

The petition was onto a slow, slow start as we reported last week. It had slightly over 9,000 signatures back then, even though Microsoft was hoping for a target of 25,000 signatures. Fast forward four days later and the petition added in 76,000 more backers, pretty much overnight.

Things currently stand at well over 105,000 signatures — well over the hundred thousand goal.

Sure, it may just be people sharing and inviting their friends over to sign up, but some of the comments that have accompanied the petition don’t inspire much confident. Some of the backers don’t even know what they are signing up for. Take a look:

“It’s horrible. Free for everyone and everybody. They should to pay for animals’ pain.”

“I’ve never seen before a man so full of peace, his way is simplicity, his talk is clear for everybody, a great teacher for all of us.”

“Absolutely disgraceful that this can be allowed, and what about the safety to others, this person, if you call him a human being should be punished, not only has he killed a lovely dog, but also the owner and friend must be very distressed.”

Dog, animals, pain, man, simplicity — yup, seems legit.

Still, Redmond has scaled up its Scroogled campaign against Google (with new ads, reports, infographics, videos, even towering billboards) encouraging users to dump Gmail and move onto its email service.

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