Microsoft’s Anti-Google Petition Off To A Slow Start

Microsoft’s newest attack against rival Google was launched more than ten days ago, with a spanking new petition that showed the search engine giant was peeking into Gmail accounts to serve relevant ads, a practice which Redmond says is not a fair practice.

But up until now the petition has only attracted over 9,000 signatures, even though the company probably was hoping to reach the 25,000 mark a lot quicker. The petition states:

“Google earns money by violating your privacy. They go through every word of your personal Gmail so they can target you with ads. Every word of every email. Even the most private ones. Do you feel violated yet?”

Nevertheless, the users who have signed the petition clearly come across as disappointed by Google’s practice, and Microsoft is hoping they will make the switch to, an email service the company insists that actually respects the user’s privacy:

“At Outlook, we prioritize your privacy. But even if you don’t use Gmail, Google will still go through emails you send to someone who does in order to sell ads. There is absolutely no way to opt out — whether you’re a Gmail user or not.”

This is part of the Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign, one that company has positioned to bring to light several Google practices, from search to email and shopping.

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