Microsoft’s “beat Windows Phone’s speed” competition backfires

Now, earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled a challenge to CES 2012 attendees – beat Windows Phone’s speed and win $100.

Obviously, a lot of people were interested in trying to do just that and it was a pretty bold thing to do.

Here’s the problem though, a few people actually did.

Now here’s the issue.

TheVerge is reporting that the stats were 30 wins, 3 losses, and 1 draw.

From a marketing perspective, that’s not great at all. This is like AT&T saying that we cover 97% of America – it only highlights the 3% that they don’t cover.

Now Microsoft have a video out there where an Iphone 4S wins the challenge and (to add insult to injury – $100).

Now it’s a fact that the Iphone 4s is faster. And it’s on video. And they took the $100.

This is advertising?

Who the hell approved this challenge?

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