Microsoft’s Brand Now Worth More Than Google

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As in, Microsoft is now the third most valuable company in the world in terms of brand value. And it has all got to do with the enterprise focus of the software titan in recent years.

Now, this was a strategy that many have criticized Redmond for, as ignoring the consumer space that built this empire up is not something that everyone is okay with. But there is no doubting the fact that this direction is paying off.

It has helped the software giant become one of the most valuable companies in the world

Buoyed by investments in the enterprise, with cloud powered products like Azure, Microsoft 365 and Teams, Microsoft has done all it can to not only bring home the bacon but also climb the charts.

BrandZ Ranking 2020

As in, this latest ranking by BrandZ.

Microsoft’s brand value is said to be worth $326 billion, which is a result of a number of recent improvements that catapulted it beyond Google. The software titan was finally able to overtake its long-time rival thanks to these circumstances:

“Corporate cultural change, open systems, and the growth of its cloud business helped generate a 30 percent increase in value for Microsoft that pushed the brand up one slot in the ranking to No. 3, just after Apple, swapping places with Google, which was impacted by declining ad revenue related to Covid-19.”


At this point, Amazon leads the charts with a brand value of $415 billion. Some may have expected Apple to be the leader here, but the fruity company is listed as runner-up with a brand value estimated at $352 billion.

Not a bad company to be in for Microsoft.

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