Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein says Microsoft is to “expand the Surface product line-up” going forward

Yesterday Microsoft posted impressive earnings of $21.46 billion for Q4 2012, with $6.83 billion in profit. At the time the company wouldn’t talk about Surface sales figures but Microsoft’s CFO Peter Klein did drop a bit of a juicy line by stating that they would “expand the product line-up” in regards to the Surface.

The statement would be further expanded to mention geographical and retail expansion, revenue expansion, and possibly even new hardware lines in the future. Of course, Klein might have just been referring to the Surface Pro that is just around the corner.

Still, it wasn’t that long ago that we heard rumors about the Surface line up being expanded to include a larger tablet, and even some kind of massive 14-inch Surface ultrabook. This far from confirms that these rumors were true, but it certainly does ignite further hope and speculation.

Regardless of what Microsoft has in store for the Surface line going forward, odds are it will be a while before we see anything else new beyond the Surface Pro. Personally, I think that part of the Surface’s future depends on whether Microsoft can turn around Windows RT and make it more “desirable”.

If they can, I wouldn’t be too shocked to see a more powerful (maybe Tegra 4 or high-end Qulacomm) Surface RT 2nd generation tablet in time for the 2013 Holiday Season. If Windows RT can’t make the turn around? I’d expect Microsoft to reboot the lower-end Surface with a low-power Intel Atom or AMD Hondo tablet instead.

What do you think, is the future of the Surface line bright? Do you plan on eventually get a Microsoft made computing device or do you prefer to buy hardware made by one of Microsoft’s hardware partners instead?

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