Microsoft’s Dominance Is Underappreciated, Says New Report

Well, you don’t hear this very often. A new survey recently released brings some fresh views on Redmond’s hardware and software developments, and names Microsoft as the number one vendor for CIOs.

Piper Jaffray’s quarterly Chief Information Officer (CIO) survey picked Microsoft as the most important vendor — ahead of companies like Oracle, SAP, Cisco, IBM, EMC, HP and Apple. Essentially, the company is in a great, not good, place.

But that’s not even the best part. The report claims that most CIOs are of the view that Redmond has nothing to worry about, at least in the short term as there are no alternatives to Microsoft. provides the details:

“We believe Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise is underappreciated, and some of the threats against Microsoft, such as alternatives to the Windows desktop OS in the enterprise or productivity software, may be over-hyped in the near term.”

That said, keep in mind that our CIO survey does not address the large consumer business for Microsoft, which faces much more intense competitive pressures than its enterprise business.”

No comment yet from Microsoft, but while this is great news for the company after the overwhelming criticism it has faced in the media after the release of Windows 8 and Surface RT.

Still, while it may have a few less worries in the business and enterprise sector, Microsoft does face some intense competition on the consumer front as the report says. And this probably is where the company’s focus lies in the near future.

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