Microsoft's #droidrage Campaign Backfires, Results in Faceplant

reports, The account has been sharing stories from other Twitter users who appear to have encountered Android malware. Google removed 27 malware-infected apps from its Play Store last year, a move that prompted Microsoft to start its campaign, but despite an upward trend in Android malware, there’s no evidence to suggest it’s as bad as Microsoft makes out. Google is also making changes to Android 4.2 to include a malware scanner that analyzes “sideloaded” apps for malware threats. With no recent high profile Android malware stories, Microsoft kicked off #droidrage again, seemingly out of the blue, and it has backfired. That’s the key issue now – this campaign backfired and instead, got a boatload of tweets that were not so complimentary about Windows Phone 8. Twitter users went further and created a #windowsrage hash tag with lots of users unhappy with Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft will now devote more time and energy in promoting their platform on its own merits -of which there are actually many. I suspect they won’t be restarting the #droidrage campaign anytime soon.]]>

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